X1 Art Stone Varnish 
X1 Art Polyurethane Varnish
X1 Art Glossy Varnish 
X1 Art Matte Varnish
X1 Art Semi-Matte Varnish

* Acrylic based clear varnish. 

* It is used as a protector on all hard floors.

* It is suitable for application with brush and roller. 

* The materials can be cleaned with water.

X1 Art Family includes 100-color multisurface, 12-color metallic, 60-color self-varnished paint and 5 types of varnish.

Multisurface and varnished paints are suitable for use on any surface such as glass, metal, wood. It can be applied directly without any preliminary preparation or trickiness. Therefore, we consider everyone who buys the paint as an artist and we use the slogan "Love of the Artist".

Odorless and water-based paints are also suitable for use by children. It is not harmful to children and pets, it is easy to clean and it can be wiped and cleaned with a wet cloth when it drips or splashes. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Packaging filling amount is 120 ml.

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