X1 Art Multisurface group are available in 100 multiple matte colors and 12 colours with metal effects. Water-based, multisurface,  acrylic hobby paints are suitable for use on all types of surfaces such as glass, metal, wood, plastic etc. It can be directly applied without sanding or pre-liminary preparation. Therefore, we consider everyone who buys the paint as an artist and our motto is "Love of the Artists".

Odorless and water-based acrylic paints can be cleaned with a wet cloth when dripped or splashed with their easy-to-clean feature. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Available for used on all type of surfaces
  • Fast drying and odorless
  • High dispersion and excellent hiding power
  • No primer and sanding required
  • A wide array of color chart

The amount of filling capacity is 120 ml.



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