This is a solvent-based, gloss synthetic paint. Applicable on the wooden, plaster and metal interior and exterior surfaces, on road vehicles and surface sections of marine vessels. High fading resistance. It is a bright, covering, easily applicable, fine-spreading and good-binding paint.

Surface Preparation&Application
On the application surface, the shootings should be burned and the old paint should be scraped and sanded, if any. Then filled with preferably colorless Politex Wood Protector and primed with Primera Synthetic Primer. On plastered surfaces, the surface should be repaired with Super Paste and primed with Primera Synthetic Primer. On metal surfaces; the surface should be primed with Primera Antirust after removing the rust and oil. It is recommended to be applied in two coats. Curing time of 1 day is required between coats.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
Thin with Polisan Synthetic Thinner by 5-10%.

Coverage Area
10-12 m²/L on single coat.

Drying Time
At 20°C, the paint is touch-dry in 2 to 3 hours and hard-dry in 18-36 hours.

Recommended Application Tools
Roller and brush.

0.7 L - 2.5 L - 3.75 L - 7.5 L - 15 L

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