Cleaning After Painting

If you have read the House Preparation section carefully and followed the tips provided, all you will have to do is air the room and remove the PVC sheets. No further cleaning will be needed.

If you take care of your brushes and rollers after each paint job, they will be usable for many years to come. You can wash water-based paints out of brushes using clean warm water. For oil-based paints you must use a suitable solvent to clean your paintbrushes. Water-based paints must be cleaned off as soon as the painting job is over, otherwise special solvents may be needed to clean dried paint from the brushes.

In order to remove oil-based paints, you must use an appropriate type of thinner. Pour the thinner into a metal container, approximately 5cm deep, and clean the brush by making circular movements in the container. After cleaning the brush, remove excess thinner on the edges of the container and dry the bristles with a cloth. If the oil-based brush is dried and stiffened, allow it to sit in the thinner for a couple of minutes to soften the paint before starting to clean it. After the cleaning is done, wrap wax paper around the brush and fix it with an elastic band.

Clean rollers using the same basic principles applicable for cleaning brushes. Spare a little more time for the thorough cleaning of rollers. You may also add a little detergent to the warm water for the cleaning of rollers.

Always use plastic gloves when working with thinners.

Store used thinner in a metal container and attach a warning label on it, keeping in mind that thinner is highly flammable and should be stored accordingly.

Do not use thinners to clean your hands! Using moisturizer cream on your hands before starting a painting job will allow you to clean your hands more easily afterwards..

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