Silicone-based paint is highly resistant to moisture, alkali, sunlight, rainfall, humidity and salty air. Water repellent. Water vapor permeability allows moisture to discharge. Applicable on all types of concrete, brick, aerated concrete, plaster, brick and other mineral surfaces.

Surface Preparation&Application
For fresh surfaces, remove dirt or loose particles and then prime with PERLA SILICONE EXTERIOR PRIMER. For old surfaces, remove blistered paint and dusts, and then prime with PERLA SILICONE EXTERIOR PRIMER. For the raw plastered surfaces excessive in lime, recommended to wash out the surface by mixing one-to-one ratio of vinegar to water before applying primer and paint. Wait at least 24 hours after priming before applying the paint and wait 2-3 hours between coats. Do not apply below 5°C.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
Thinned with water by 10% in volume

Coverage Area
8-10 m²/L for a single coat.

Drying Time
1 to 3 hours. Hardens completely in 24 hours.

Recommended Application Tools
Exterior roller and brush.

2.5 L - 15 L

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