Single-component, resin-based, solvent-containing insulating paint reinforced with special polymers to prevent moisture and dampness-related problems on interior and exterior walls of buildings. Forms a protective layer against moisture and dampness on the applied surfaces.

Surface Preparation&Application
PROF P-MP moisture paint is ready to use and does not require primer. Clean blackened surfaces with bleach before applying the product. Clean old painted blistered surfaces until a firm surface is obtained and ensure the surface is free of dust. Make any necessary repairs with EXELANS REPAIR MORTAR. PROF P-MP moisture paint is ready for use and should be used by opening the lid and mixing for 3 minutes. After mixing, apply to the existing surface with a brush, a suitable sprayer, or roller, specifically a synthetic epoxy one, without thinning the product. Apply PROF P-MP moisture paint in 2 coats and wait at least 24 hours between coats. Application areas must be well ventilated.

Usage Areas
Indoors and outdoors, on plaster, on painted or unpainted surfaces, on basement walls, on surfaces with humidity and moisture problems, on slightly wet and damp surfaces, on surfaces with salt spray.

Coverage Area
500-600 gr/m² for two coat application

Drying Time
3 hours

Recommended Application Tools
Brush, roller.

1-5 kg metal bucket

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