This is a special synthetic resin based, gloss, resistant, crack and peel proof varnish that protects the wooden components of boats from the corrosive effects of the sea water, sun, rain and impacts and provides perfect results when applied on the wooden indoor and outdoor components. Not for use on parquet and couplers.

Surface Preparation&Application
For first-time varnishing, the surface must be dry, sanded and clean. Clean the knots, if any, on the surface by wiping with Polisan Cellulosic Thinner or Polisel Cellulosic Thinner. Previously varnished surfaces must thoroughly be scraped off. If it will be applied to old surfaces that are varnished with Polylac before, a slight sanding would be enough. It should be applied as two coats. It is recommended to wait for 24 hours between coats for best results. If it is requested to add color for decorative reasons, 1-2 coats of solvent-based Wood&Wood Wood Protector, Politex Lux Varnish Wood Protector or Politex Decorative Wood Protector should be applied before varnishing.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
Use without thinning. Can be thinned with Polisan Synthetic Thinner if application in thin coats is requested.

Coverage Area
15m²/L on single coat.

Drying Time
At 23°C, the varnish is touch-dry in 2 hours and hard-dry in 24 hours.

Recommended Application Tools
Roller and brush.

0.75 L - 2.5 L - 12 kg

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