Polisan Shop

The Polisan shop concept is spreading around Turkey!

Polisan Kansai Boya’s Polisan Shop concept was initiated in 2008 with to provide support to dealers in improving their businesses and help them plan for the future.

Since 2008, more than 250 dealers in Turkey have been transformed by Corporate Channel Application teams into Polisan Shops and Polisan Shop Improvement Points. The team’s expertise in organization and exhibitions successfully multiplied dealers’ revenue.

Polisan Kansai Boya helps organize hardware, paint retailer or contractor’s stores according to our standards, enabling these sales points to offer an easy shopping experience to their customers.

Polisan Shops aim to offer unique and different solutions for walls, which are important for decoration, with consumer-oriented display elements.

Polisan Kansai Boya forecasts this trend to accelerate in the coming years based on the fact that besides painters, end users are now visiting sales points due to increasing consumer awareness in recent years. Investments for Polisan Shops – the only examples of concept stores in Turkey’s paint sector with such widespread and standardized content – will continue apace in the future.

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