Water-based, vapor-permeable paint containing special vacuum microspheres that provide low thermal conductivity, high sunlight absorption, and high surface heat transfer coefficients, scientifically proven to aid in the thermal insulation of interior and exterior facades. Formulated with special vacuum microspheres, PROF P-RP reflects the radiant heat generated inside when used as an interior wall paint. When used on exterior surfaces, it assists thermal insulation by reflecting the radiant heat coming to the surface. When used on roofs, it reflects at least 80% of the sun's rays thanks to its formula reinforced with ceramic spheres . PROF P-RP helps keep the applied surfaces waterproof by allowing the passage of moisture and steam.


• Helps reduce heating and cooling costs.
• Keeps your rooms warm in winter and cool in summer.
• Not a burden on your building,
• Highly fire-resistant with flame retardant and toxic gas-free properties.
• Water-based, petroleum-free, and odorless.
• Very easy and economical to repair damage that occurs during use.
• Waterproofing properties prevent water leakage on facades.
• White is recommended for exterior applications as it reflects the sun's rays.

Surface Preparation&Application
PROF P-RP comes ready to use and should never be diluted with water. Application surface should be free of dirt, dust, oil, etc. and should be clean and dry. To strengthen thermal insulation and increase the durability of the application, apply 2 coats. After the primer has dried for 4 hours, apply 2 coats of PROF P-RP with a brush or roller or until a minimum thickness of 1-1.5 mm is reached for full effectiveness.

Coverage Area
1 L/m² (for 1 mm thickness)

Drying Time
Waiting time between coats is 3-4 hours at 20°C. Touch dry in 40-60 minutes at 20°C.

Recommended Application Tools
Apply with brush or roller.

13 Kg

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