Waterproof, decorative, and protective product used to paint and protect all types of floors. It can be applied both indoors and outdoors, forming a floor coating resistant to UV rays, water, and heavy traffic. 

Surface Preparation&Application
Repair any defects, cracks, etc. on the surface to be coated before applying the product. Ensure the surfaces to be painted are free of dust, dirt, oil, and other materials that may prevent the paint from adhering. Surface must be completely dry. Do not apply to a damp surface. Remove any old, deformed paint on the surface by scraping it off with a mechanical scraping machine until you get down to the raw concrete. Repair any cracks and loose parts with epoxy repair paste or repair mortar. How to Apply: The product is ready to use, but if thinning is required, use a cellulose thinner. Recommend two coats for best performance. Apply with a synthetic epoxy roller, brush, or airless equipment. Ambient and surface temperatures should be between +5 and +30 C when applying. Allow at least 4 hours between coats .

Coverage Area
It averages 350-400 g/m² in two coats. An 18 kg package will cover an average of 45-50 m² in two coats.

Drying Time
Allow at least 4 hours between coats. The painted surface can be opened to pedestrian traffic after 24 hours and to vehicular traffic after 7 days.

Recommended Application Tools
Apply with brush or roller.

13.3 L

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