Exelans Energy Rock Wool is produced through fiberization of inorganic basalt rock under very high temperatures. Produced in different densities varying by the thickness, boards can be utilized for thick or fine coated systems. Recommended for use in old or new buildings which need higher levels of sound and fire insulation.

General Features
A1 class non-flammable material.Provides fire resistance to the buildings. Thanks to its fibre composition, it provides an excellent sound insulation.Has a vapour diffusion resistance of 1. Provides high-performance heat insulation in terms of heat permeability coefficient. λD= 0,036 -0,040 W/mK depending on the density. An elastic material. Lambda value is suitable in calculation method required by TS 825 Compulsory Heat Insulation. Thanks to its high breakup resistance, when applied correctly, it remains in service as long as building life. Easy to handle, easy to apply. Since it does contain plastic raw material, it is completely eco-friendly compared to products containing plastic raw materials.

Apparent Densities
40 kg/m³ - 50 kg/m³ - 70 kg/m³- 100 kg/m³ - 120 kg/m³ - 130 kg/m³ - 150 kg/m³

Thermal Conductivity Value
0,036 - 0,040 W/mK

Fire Class
A1 class non-flammable.

Long-Time Water Absorption
< 3 kg/m²

Pressure Resistance with 10% Deformation
7,5- 40 kPa.(Depending on density)

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