This is a solvent-free, double-component, reaction-dry epoxy resin. Seawater-resistant epoxy resin with a proper isolation feature. Resistant to bacteria and fungi without the volume change after hardening. It can be used as a fiber wrap, for laminating, epoxy varnishing, epoxy-based leveling and sticking mortar preparation. It can also be used for paste applications with glass fiber, glass bubble addition; priming concrete surfaces before coating; sticking, maintaining and repairing of metal, wood, glass, concrete, glass fiber reinforced polyester, and gelcoat.

Surface Preparation&Application
The application surfaces should be cleaned from dirt, dust, be sanded or roughened. The repairing and priming tasks should be completed before application. The dew point should be monitored during application and treating moist or wet surfaces should be avoided. Blending with the hardener at the correct ratio is important. Epoxy resin completely blended at the recommended proportion of 2 units of resin to 1 unit of hardener should be rested for 5 minutes for preliminary reaction. The surface temperature and ambient temperature should be a minimum of 10 °C. Application near the dew point (2-5℃) is not recommended.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
2 units of Epoxy Resin + 1 unit of Epoxy Resin Hardener by weight. Use without thinning.

Coverage Area
Varies depending on the application equipment and requested surface shape.

Drying Time
24 hours. Minimum 24 hours resting time before the application of another coat. Reaches mechanical resistance in 4 to 6 days.

Recommended Application Tools
Roller and brush.

3 kg - 18 kg

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