This is a double-component, reaction-dry, epoxy-resin based, polyamide hardener cured, highly filling, highly adhesive, zinc phosphate containing epoxy anti-corrosive protective primer that creates a solid base for the top paint coats. Can be used as an anti-corrosive primer to prime any kind of wood, metal and mineral surface that is exposed to water, seawater, chemicals and corrosion, and in areas where a high level of corrosion resistance is desired. Adheres perfectly to sheet metal, aluminum and galvanized metal surfaces. Has an excellent level of performance for general industrial, machinery production, metal protection and marine applications.

Surface Preparation&Application
Surfaces should be free of any loose materials that could reduce adherence. All metal surfaces should be ideally sandblasted at minimum degree of Sa2 ½ and primed with Epoxy Anti-Corrosive Primer within 6 hours. 7 units of Epoxy Primer and 1 unit of Epoxy Primer Hardener should be blended and rested for 10-15 minutes. The product can be thinned 10-15% with Epoxy Thinner based on the application surface and ambient temperature.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
7 units of Epoxy Paint Primer + 1 unit of Epoxy Anti-Corrosive Primer Hardener by weight. For thinning, 10-15% Epoxy Thinner should be used.

Coverage Area
7-8 m² space can be coated with 1 kg mixture when applied for creating a dry film of 60 microns. Coverage area varies in practice according to surface roughness and spillage.

Drying Time
Touch-dry in 3 to 4 hours based on thickness. Minimum 18 hours resting time before the application of another coat. Reaches mechanical resistance in 4 to 6 days.

Recommended Application Tools
Brush, roller or airless paint gun.

1 kg - 3 kg - 20 kg

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