Pure Acrylic resin and water based, silver-shining under light, pearl-effects, gold-leaf appearing, odorless, decorative, interior paint. An environment-friendly, semi-covering, flexible, decorative interior and exterior paint which creates a metallic appearance thanks to the light reflections adjusted by different applicators. It can also be used as a top-coat for textured or plain, water-based systems. It is product of choice especially in creating special effects through interior spotlights. Different silver-shining images can be created depending on the angle, type and intensity of the light reflecting on the surfaces applied with X1 Anti Aging Odorless Gold.

Surface Preparation&Application
Application surface must be smooth, firm, dry and free from dirt, rust and grease. First, fill in any dents or cracks as required with Perla Paste. Then, strictly apply Elegans Extra Primer or Filled Primer. Apply X1 Anti Aging Odorless Gold in 18 to 24 hours after primer application. Since finishing differences will arise with brush or roller applications, it is very important to roll closer to the wall edges. Make sure that surface and room temperature is between 5°C and 30°C during application.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
Ready to use.

Coverage Area
8 to 10 square meter per liter for a single coat.

Drying Time
The paint is touch-dry in 20 minutes, dust-dry in 40 minutes and hard-dry in 4 hours at a temperature of 20°C and relative humidity of 50%.

Recommended Application Tools
Applicable with brush, roller, and applicators recommended for Cosmetica Pearl.

0,7 L - 2,5 L

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