This is an alkyd binder-based, excellently water-repellent, transparent, gloss, lead-free, UV-filter containing exterior varnish that is resistant against sun rays, moisture and other atmospheric conditions. Used for decorative and protective purposes on all soft and hard interior and exterior wood surfaces, doors, windows, wooden garden furniture, marine vessels and other wooden materials. A glossy, durable, crack-free and peel-free varnish that provides an excellent protection to the wood. Thanks to its composition blocking water from infiltrating into wood, it creates a surface resistant against extreme weather conditions and does not peel off and swell in time. Preserves wood against sun rays, moulds and fungi. Not recommended to apply on parquet tiles.

Surface Preparation&Application
Surfaces must be completely cleared and free of grease stains, chip dusts, aged paint and varnish residues, and sanded lightly and be dried. Before application on the hardwoods which contains resin and natural oils, surface must be cleaned with a cloth immersed with organic solvents such as Cellulosic Thinner. After surface cleaning, we recommend to apply Titanium Anti-Aging Universal Impregnate material as the first coat. Applied in 2 or 3 layers with a 24 hours in-between. To achieve a uniform colour, pay attention to mixing before and during application and apply it by following the direction of pores over the wood. Make sure that surface and room temperature is between 5°C and 30°C during application.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
Ready to use.

Coverage Area
12 - 15 m²/L in single layer depending on the type of wood.

Drying Time
It completely dries out in approx. 24 hours at a temperature of 20°C and a relative humidity of 50%.

Recommended Application Tools
Brush and roller.

0.750 L - 2.5 L

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