Abrasive sand - bi-component, epoxy recine-containing primer cured with polyamide hardener, which contains anticorrosive zing phosphate pigment for protecting steel surfaces with completed grit scraped against corrosion. Since it has very good sticking characteristics, it creates a strong ground for the paints to be applied on it.

Surface Preparation&Application
Clean surfaces of loose materials that could reduce adherence. Metal surfaces ISO 8501 – 01 Sa 2 ½ degree abrasive sand must be prepared with a grit scraper. Remove all surface deformations that may remain on the paint film such as weld burs - and splashes. After the surface preparation is completed, prime with epoxy shop primer preferably within a maximum 1 - 2 hours. Mix in the specified ratios and then leave to rest for approximately 30 minutes so that the preliminary reactions can occur. Surface temperature must be minimum of 10°C. Application at the condensation point of water (2-5°C) must be avoided.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
3 parts Unipox Shop Primer to 1 part Unipox Shop Primer Hardener 5-10% Epoxy Thinner

Coverage Area
15-20 m²/kg (paint+hardener/10-15 micron dry film thickness) * Varies depending on practical coating area surface roughness and splash loss.

Drying Time
10 (at 23°C and 50% relative humidity) Tough dries in: 20-30 minutes. Time to wait for second coat: At least 1-2 hours. Time to become chemically resistant: 7 days.

Recommended Application Tools
Suction or –gravity-feed spray gun (air pressure: 3-4 bar, nozzle diameter 1.5-2.0 mm). Rollers and brushes can also be used.

20 kg (A+B)

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