Water-Based Paints

Matte Paint

Water-based matte paints are also sub-classified in terms of gloss degrees. Colloquially so-called “plastic paint”, water-based matte paints have a strong covering power and their satiated appearance on the surface, however, not every matte paint enjoys the wipeability since they do not have a slippery structure. Therefore, it is not advisable to wipe matte painted walls with a wet cloth, otherwise flares and discoloration may occur on the surface. Fully matte paints by Polisan Kansai includes P1 and matte paints of ELEGANCE EXTRA MATTE, MATPLAST EXTRA, PRİMERA MAT SILICONE, PERLA MAT SILICONE, PERLA MAT and POPULAR. P1 and ELEGANCE EXTRA features the wipe-ability unlike other matte paints. Among water-based matte paints also includes ceiling paints exclusively manufactured for the ceilings. ELEGANCE EXTRA CEILING, CEILING ULTRA, CEILING EXTRA, PERLA CEILING and POPULAR CEILING feature higher levels of covering power and breathability.

Soft Matte Paints

Having a special texture which gloss degree ranges from matte to semi-matte, KASHMERE is a product of Polisan Kansai included in the soft matte category. Despite not being classified as semi-matte and bright category, but featuring the wipeability, KASHMERE creates a special velvety soft texture on the surface. Also minimizing the surface faults, it is an ideal option for those who do not want fully matte but want more matte than semi-matte.

Semi-Matte Paints

Semi-matte paints are commonly called as “satin paint”. They are applied for decorative purposes on the surfaces smoothed down with putty or gypsum plaster. Having a slippery body, satin paints features fully wipeability. Thanks to its water-repellence and vapour permeability, they do not allow water being absorbed by paint and spots being cross-contaminated with paints. Water-based semi-matte paints by Polisan Kansai are ELEGANCE ANTI AGING SEMI-MATTE, ELEGANCE EXTRA SEMI MATTE, SILK AND AMBIANCE EXTRA.

Semi-Gloss Paints

Polisan Kansai manufactures Turkey’s first water-based semi-gloss interior paint in the matte category. AMBIANCE ROYAL is between gloss and semi-gloss enjoying all functional features of both categories and is ideal for those who do not want high gloss.

Gloss Paints

Polisan Kansai manufactured Turkey’s first water based “oil paint” X1 ANTI AGING ODORLESS GLOSS” in collaboration with Dow Chemical, The Chemistry Giant of the WORLD and a Chemical partner of Polisan for those who wants gloss paint not only for wall but also any kind of furniture items on any kind of wooden, concrete and metallic surfaces. Developed to replace solvent-based oil paints, X1 ANTI AGING ODORLESS GLOSS ranked among the best selling products of Polisan Kansai thanks to its easiness and the joy of use by women for their domestic furniture and their referral to the product as the X1 miracle. You can find any kind of products for varnishing needs on wooden surfaces in WOOD&WOOD and POLITEX range.

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