Solvent-Based Paints

Paints diluted with thinners are generally known as "solvent-based” paints. Solvent-based paints emit vapor during application and drying, and so areas must be well ventilated and a protective mask should be worn during application whenever possible. Solvent-based paints need a considerable amount of time to dry. Chemical solvents must be used for the cleaning of solvent-based paints, and these solvents may have harmful effects. It is recommended that people with children, sufferers of asthma and people with allergies should not use solvent-based paints in their homes.

Nowadays, satin and plastic paints are chosen for walls, and solvent-based paints for the painting of wooden doors, windows and metal surfaces. Special purpose wood and metal solvent-based paints developed by Polisan reduce preparation work and consequently save you time. Polisan’s special purpose solvent-based products are TITANIUM UNIVERSAL IMPREGNATED and POLIMETAL. POLIMETAL has 4 varieties. These are POLYMETAL FLAT, POLYMETAL HAMMER and POLYMETAL ALUMINUM & GALVANIZED



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