This is alkyd binder based, semi-matte, wipeable, perfect covering, lead free synthetic top coat paint. Durable, luxurious paint that offers a perfect appearance and satin matte finish to the surfaces it is applied with its perfect covering and fast drying qualities, and adds flexibility and durability with its perfect adhering quality as a perfect interior decoration product that can be applied on woods, metals and walls with its no brush mark leaving wipeable quality.

Surface Preparation&Application
Apply on wooden surfaces after burning shootings and scraping and sanding the old paint. Then, saturate the surface preferably with Politex Decorative Wood Protector, and prime with Polistar Synthetic Primer. On plastered surfaces, fill in the area that requires filling with Polisan Super Paste, and prime with Polisan Synthetic Primer. (The paint shall not be applied directly on surfaces primed with Satin Gypsum Primer and Polizolan. The surface should be primed with Polistar Synthetic Primer first.) On metal surfaces; prime the surface with Polisan Antirust after removing the stain, rust and oil on the surfaces.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
Thin with Polisan Synthetic Thinner by 15-20%.

Coverage Area
15-20 m²/L on single coat.

Drying Time
It is recommended to be applied in two coats. Curing time of 1 day is required between coats.

Recommended Application Tools
Roller, brush and paint gun.

2.5 L - 15 L

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