Mix Center

Unlimited Color Options with Mix Center

With Turkey’s first water-based coloring system “the New Generation Mix System”, you can get any color you want without paying extra or compensating on quality.

Mixing machines located at more than 2700 sales points offer a liberated approach in color choices, and create on-site and instant solutions to match your taste and expectations. This system has been designed so that you can freely choose from thousands of color options at the same quality with standard products produced in the factory turning every sales point into something like a Polisan Kansai factory.

Without the restraint of color charts, by using the “Optimix” color reading device, you can scan the color of your favorite objects and possess the color of your dreams in Polisan Kansai paint buckets.

We invite you to bring life to your walls with the color of your dreams using the world of Mix System-the system that is always aware of the importance of your time, money, tastes, and quest for quality.

Turkey’s first water-based new generation Mix system

With a modular system and the New Generation Mix System's coloring machines placed at sales points, the equivalent of an integrated factory investment, Polisan Kansai Paint turns every Polisan Kansai Paint Sales Point into a production center.

Polisan Kansai Paint developed its Water-Based Mix System, which was introduced to the industry in 2000 with its R&D, technological infrastructure, and innovative approach as Turkey's first water-based New Generation Mix System and the sector's most developed in 2008. The New Generation Mix System is a color system consisting of a computer containing formulas, a color making machine, and mixing machine set. With the motto “Color has no limits!”, the New Generation Mix System with its collections containing 402-color Colorium Interior, 200-color Colorium Exterior, 2000-color Colorium Universal, and RAL Chart colors ensures that the consumer can get any color at any time.

Why the New Generation Mix System?

Sales points present thousands of colors to customers' liking and supplies them instantly without having to stock all chart colors.

  • Minimizes stock costs at sales points.
  • Prevents loss of time.
  • Saves sales points' stock area, opens space for diversity.
  • Provides instant paint service in the color of any object with Optimix Color Scanning Device.

Modular System:

Having a higher capacity than mixing machines and used by 34 distributors, the modular system is positioned as a factory for each distributor at points without mixing machines and performs instant delivery to vendors upon request, supplying product diversity. It also ensures effective management of 5000 SKUs.

Turkey’s most widespread sales channel

Polisan Kansai Paint has created a nation-wide sales network in order to rapidly supply its high-quality product portfolio to painters and end-users. Polisan Kansai Paint has the largest sales channel in Turkey with its 34 distributors, 6000 vendors and 650 direct sellers-1000 of which are executive vendors-and sales points at 162 stores of 3 market chains.

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