The sooo alluring colors of Polisan are now accompanied with fresh scents. With the addition of Polisan Home Cosmetic Perfume, the spaces smell beautiful for longer now. While these unique scents surround your rooms, the bad odors are also prevented. And these scents are preserved in your home for weeks both during and after the application. You will be the one who will decide the amount you will add to the paint. In order to obtain more long lasting enticing scents you can add Polisan Home Cosmetic Perfume to the primer besides the top coat. The recommended amounts for Polisan Paint Perfumes are 20 ml for 2.5 L paint, 80 ml for 10 L paint and 120 ml for 15 L paint. For a longer lasting or stronger effect in areas with a problem of bad odor, these recommended amounts can be doubled. Ensure that the perfumes are mixed properly with paints and primers. Polisan Home Cosmetic Perfume has a formula enabling use with all kinds of water based wall paints. It has no impact on the color, quality and application performance of the paint. The scent after the paint dried may be more than the scent during the application.

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