Water- and pure acrylic-resin based, flexible exterior paint with medium-size texture appearance. Textured paint for decorating and protecting exteriors with the ability to bridge cracks up to 3 mm. Prevents sunlight from deforming and discoloring the paint film, ensuring a longer lifetime. High alkali resistance makes it withstand damp weather, moisture and salt water. Applicable in any season.

Surface Preparation&Application
If paint is being applied for the first time, dirty and loose materials on the surface should be cleaned and it should be primed with Exelans Primer. After the primer application, during the preparation of the surface, Exelans Textra diluted with 10-15% water is recommended to be applied with a roller during surface preparation. Diluted Exelans Textra finishing coat is applied as single coat on the diluted Exelans Textra as the bottom coat. Use a 1:1 solution of water and vinegar to wash coarse mortar surfaces in order to remove excess lime before applying the paint and primer. Fill cracks with Exelans Putty. Do not apply in temperatures below 5°C.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
Ready to use.

Coverage Area
1-1.50 m²/kg - 0.80-1.20 m²/L for a single coat

Drying Time
Surface-dry in 4 hours and hard-dry in 24 hours at 20°C and 50% relative humidity. Drying time may vary depending on the coat’s thickness, ventilation, surface and paint processes.

Recommended Application Tools
Apply with a coral roller.

20 kg (16 L)

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