It is an epoxy resin-based, two-component, reaction drying epoxy primer that is cured with a polyamide hardener. Contains aluminum pigment. Provides corrosion protection. It provides excellent adhesion to the surface. It is resistant to chemicals and abrasion.

Surface Preparation&Application
The surfaces to be applied must be cleaned of any substance that will reduce adherence. Metal surfaces should be sandblasted to at least Sa2 ½ degree, which is the ideal method, and should be painted with Alumastic Epoxy Primer Paint within 6 hours. 4 parts of Alumastic Paint and 1 part of Epoxy Paint Hardener are mixed and waited for 5-10 minutes. It is thinned by 10-15% with Epoxy Thinner, depending on the application surface and ambient temperature.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
4 parts of Alumastic Paint + 1 part of Epoxy Paint Hardener by weight. 10-15% Epoxy Thinner should be used for thinning.

Coverage Area
When the application is made to leave a 50 micron dry film, 7-8 m² (8-9 m² with 1 L) can be covered with 1 kg of mixture.

Drying Time
Touch dry 5-6 hours, Chemical dry 7 days

Recommended Application Tools
Brush, roller, pistol.

1 kg - 3 kg - 20kg - 25kg set

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